Thursday, 8 August 2013

Different View... Под другим углом...

Hello dear friends!

I remember knowing only two colours when I was younger...
Black. And. White.
Everything was so categorised. So clear. So simple.
I was always oh-so-sceptical about songs that were re-made or re-sung.
But all seems to be changing.

Go on! Compare!

Приветы всем!

Когда я была моложе... все было гораздо проще.
Только черное или белое.
Все предельно просто, ясно и по полочкам.

Ан нет. Взгляды меняются.
Раньше я бы выразила свое большое ФИ всем, кто перепевает или переделывает песни.
Но не теперь.



Enjoy your day and stay tuned!

Всем приветы!
Ваша Ксю.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Simple is good, black and white is easy, uncomplicated. But have to say I love that we have the privileged indulgence of "choice". I love both versions, and thanks for the subtle reminder of how lucky I am to be able to "choose" .

  2. Great difference here for sure. The first is the one I know and love.......but wow, the second is such a nice take on the first.....such a different mood/feel to it! Love both! Thanks for sharing my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm usually not too keen on re-makes and cover versions because to me, they're usually not that good, original ones are quite often better. But here, I'm tempted to say that I like the re-make better, far better. Love the mood.
    (But yes, I'd love black and white. Grey is too much trouble. Far too much trouble.)


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