Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pinspiration... Настроенческое...

Доброго дня!

А вот интересно...
Вы уже определились как украшать дом к праздникам?
В каком стиле? В какой цветовой гамме?

Я - определенно нет!
Мне как-то нравится все-все-все!
И красное, и белое и зеленое!
За 10 лет на чердаке накопилось порядочно самых разных украшений.
Но вот такая нейтральная тема мне приятно греет душу.

Ссылки ведут на Пинтерест.

Hello planet!

Seems like I am seriously sick.
I have a Christmas fever...

I wonder - have you decided how are you going to decorate your place this year?
I feel like all over the place.
I am totally in love with everything!
All colours, all styles.
But this one - neutral with a touch of green is the most appealing at the moment.

Source - Pinterest.

Feel free to share your favorite theme this year.
I am soooo curious!

Агитирую не стесняться делиться своими идеями!
Ооооочень любопытно!

Всего доброго!

Thanks for popping in!
Talk later.

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  1. Oh I feel so un-housewife-y now.. Every year I think I should buy some new Christmas decoration and I never do, I just put the same old things on display like I do every year and every year it happens at the last minute - I'm really no good at things like these! So no themes or colour schemes here, I'm afraid. Mind you, I did buy new fairylights for the boys and and they're up already and the boys love them - maybe there's hope for me after all..? ;)


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