Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ATC Umbrella. ATC Зонтик.

Hi Dear All!

I decided to try ATCs. Here's my first attempt. Umbrella series.
I am a bit sceptic about summer in Ireland, although I still hope that this year it will be sunny and warm.


Вот моя первая серия АТСок. Огромное спасибо Кате-бесконечность за толч0к в этом направлении. Катя, выбирай любую :) безвозмездно :)

Серия Зонтик. Посвящается ирландскому лету и всем тем, кто собирается приехать отдохнуть сюда :)

No 1 "In the village (whatever the name of village is) is raining"

No 2 "Again..." улетела к Кате. This one is gone to beskonechnost :)

No 3 " Summer? Where? There..."

No 4 "Flew away..." улетает к Тане, gone to Irish Cream

No 5 "It's wet..." is gone to Milla, полетит к Милле

No 6 It's just a line from one song which was famous ages ago.

I would like to enter The (paper) Trail Makers for the April Shower Challenge with this set.

И песенка! Улыбайтесь :)
And the song, all about girl called "Love"

Talk to you!


  1. Wonderful fun funky ATC's but hoping your forecast is wrong! XOXO Zoe

  2. These ATC's are fantastic!! I love how they look - thanks for joining us at TrailMakers!

  3. Ксюша!!! я улыбаюсь!!! так классно, и, я поняла, что у вас там одна погода:)))
    спасибо, что мона выбрать:))
    правда, не поняла за что такая честь:)))
    если можно, хочу "Опять"№2
    вообще все Абалденные!!!!!

  4. You are so artistic! Thanks for playing with the TrailMakers!

  5. Great series of ATCs! I really like number 5 as it looks like the clouds are just about to go away and there's a hint of blue summer sky :)
    (I once visited Dublin during the summer and I must admit that my umbrella was in good use during my stay... ;D LOVED Dublin though! <3 ).

  6. Какие забавные,а Ирландия это моя мечта...
    Можно мне № 4 или 5 или любую свободную. У меня кстати остались свободные АТС можешь выбрать вдруг приглянутся

  7. I love, love, love your ATCs!! I have never been brave enough to try one... yours are stunning!!

    barb :)

  8. Hi there. Love your ATCs great colour and texture and fantastic theme.


  9. I can't believe these are your first ATCS! They're gorgeous. Wishing you many sunny days this summer and no so much need for umbrellas. xx

  10. I just love these ATC's - wonderful work! TFS
    Cheers, Karen


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