Sunday, 24 April 2011

Girls. Boys. Squares. Девчонки. Мальчишки. Квадраты.

Dear all,

with no long introduction I'd like to present two cards today. Both were created for Just for Fun Challenge. This week's theme is a Square :) For me, who just hates any type of rules and restrictions, it  is a real challenge to create something that can fit into four straight lines with 90 degrees between them (if I said it right). Therefore it is even more interesting! However, it took a while - to think, rethink, make, remake, throw away and to start all over again :) Here's the result of my brain storming :)

Доброго дня!

Без длинных предисловий хочу показать сегодня две открыточки, которые сделала по заданию от Just for Fun Challenge. Тема- квадрат :) Я вообще плохо дружу со всякими правилами и ограничениями, поэтому мне было непросто придумать что-либо на эту тему. Ну квадрат, ну 4 прямых угла... Думала, красила, терла, переделывала. Вот результат :

Кроме штампиков - все мое. 
Сеточку делала так - гафро-картон, чернила, оттиск.

Everything, except stamped images, are made by me :) 
Background - corrugated cardboard, ink, stamp on prepared surface.

Again, white primer, acrylic paints, watercolour pencils. Cars are glossy - clear embossing powder on the top of black ink.

Почти то же самое - грунтовка, акриловая краска, акварельные карандаши. Машинки - лакированные :) прозрачная пудра для эмбоссинга.

This card I wanted to show to the girls from Theme Thursday Challenge, it is about girls this week.
Thanks for stopping by. Ciao!

А эту открыточку хочу еще показать девочкам с блога Theme Thursday Challenge.
Спасибо, что заглянули. Пока-пока!


  1. Wow, I like these! There's a great rough, textured feeling to both of them which I really like. Fabulous takes on squares without being square! ;D
    Any chance you'd like to give a tutorial on making these types of backgrounds, pretty please? I suck at making backgrounds and using gesso, primers, paints, etc. but I'd like to learn :)

  2. Забавные такие,машинки очень понравились :)

  3. Wow! what a lot of work you have put into these. They are fabulous.
    Regards Florence.

  4. Fabulous, love your backgrounds. Did you Know Try it on Tuesdays have a recycling theme as well, this week.

  5. To: Milla

    I was thinking about what tutorial to present in May for Frosted Designs. So, I'll do it on backgrounds then :) hugs, kissinia

    Thanks everybody for your kind comments :)

  6. Fabulous cards Kissinia, both of them are so happy with lots going on. Just love them both thank you for making and sharing these with us at Just for Fun XOXO Zoe

  7. Both these cards are fab. I love the grid background on the top one and the stitching on the bottom one. Those car images are wonderful.

    Thanks for getting your sqaures out this week - Sam xxx

  8. Two fab entries for the Just for Fun Challenge and I find I'm drawn to the pink one it shouts Girl Power :)
    Von x

  9. Ksenia both of your cards are fabulous.
    Hope you are having a Happy Easter.

    Hugs Hazel xx

  10. I love your cards!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the nice comment you left on my "Transformed" layout!
    Happy Easter!

  11. One for the boys (blue) and one for the girls (pink) - both super pieces of artwork. Glad you decided to challenge yourself working in four straight lines and produced some terrific cards as a result.
    Thanks for joining us at JFF - Hugs, Neet x

  12. С вашим стилем да в Прованс

  13. Love the results of your brain storming ! Both are fabulous and definitely have the Ksenia signature even if they are square, Beautiful vibrant pieces.


  14. вау!!! очень стильно!!!
    зонтики из прошлого поста, кстати, тоже!!

  15. Brilliant cards bet you had fun making these they are great

  16. Oh great, Kissinia, I'll look forward to the tutorial in May! :)
    Hugs, Milla :)

  17. Hey!
    thanks for comments on my blog:)
    yes the spring got here in the easter
    love your works

  18. удивляюсь и радуюсь твоему креативу!!!


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